Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Focus" - my word for 2010!

This is usually a visual blog for me. A place where I've shared my latest images... of things that made me smile... kind of whatever was going on at that particular time. For some reason lately I have been fumbling and stumbling about NOT doing my normal stuff for this time of year. At first I was bothered that I didn't have the desire to do the same old same old until I realized "It's OK ...I'm not breaking any one's rules but my own... self-imposed as they where!" So just because this is normally a blog of photos doesn't mean it always has to be that! Oh I still want to share pictures!!! But thought I would also point to some sites that I find useful in steering me at any given time!

Earlier this week I found an interesting post about the New Years resolutions we all make... and then promptly break! Instead Christine Kane suggests we choose a word! Just one word to sort of set the bar for that year! You can read about that idea here: Resolution revolution a better way to start your year!

I love that idea and thought if I'm going to do things differently ... here's a good place to start with a brand new year! So I am in the process of choosing my word for 2010! It's ironic that the word that keeps calling my name is FOCUS! Now doesn't that make perfect sense?? I keep wanting to put it back but it is just insisting: my word for 2010 IS FOCUS! a time that I feel like I am vacillating all over the place with - my direction to take any of my artistic ventures!! and most especially my photography!!!
I'm going to ponder this just a little more but I'm pretty sure that's it... I told my daughter about this and as I was explaining it to her she said "my word for the year is CALM" She knew it immediately... her 2010 word is calm. OK OK my word for 2010 is focus!

By the way, I look back on some previous years and know I've had years where the word found me and stayed with me all year! Even though a couple of those years were really tough those WORDS helped me get through them! For one such year the word was gratitude! Yep, that year was a doozy!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for leaving such a wonderful comment on my blog!

    I know where you are at right now - oh, so well. I was stuck for so long between life I was living and the one that was waiting for me. I read everything I could get my hands on by Martha Beck and other inspirational authors. What I can see in hind sight is this -- Leap, and the net will appear. I would have never truly been "ready" to leap. I had to close my eyes, trust my gut and go.

    It was not easy. In fact, for a while I was depressed and scared and confused. But, now I realize that -- like a seed -- we have to push up a lot of dirt first before we can reach for the sun.

    I've pushed up my share of dirt. And I can say that it has all been worth it. I'm happier than ever and so excited about my life and goals.

    Good luck with your "Focus" for 2010! And if you are interested, I know a bunch of online photo blogs and online photo classes. I took them and LOVED them. xoxox

    Read you soon -- heee-heee!