Friday, January 22, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

focus/out of focus

Focus is the my word for 2010 ...It's funny how affirmations work... when everywhere you look the universe just screams YES YES YES You Are Headed in the Right Direction!!! I'm not really sure what direction this word will take me but I can't wait to find out! So today on the Shutter Sisters what does she talk about??? Well, focus! of course. This morning I started out my day with a wonder-filled walk around the 'hood. About half-way through it silence filled my headphones and my mind went to my journal. The cold wind hit my face and I could hardly wait to get home to express my gratitude on paper to just be!

focus on companionship

I just took this picture a couple of days ago... I love how while capturing the beauty of this hyacinth I can make out Phantom -our guard kitty - in the background... I'm so lucky with this charmed life I lead to have 3 kitties .. all rescue cats to keep me company in these cold days of winter.

And aspiring to take a photo a day thru this next year here is todays image:


I like the way the out of focus parts of these 2 photos are still beautiful.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

the one word project

I've been sitting back and trying to just chill for this first month.... exploring new blogs and finding new things that stike my fancy. I've chosen my word for the year and you can read about that here. Somewhere... someone's blog(s) talked about clearing out and cleaning up so I've been doing some of that but that's for a later tale... But tonight I did find something that caught my attention! It's called the One Word project. I thought it sounded like a project that I would enjoy participating in AND it could be pretty inspiring! Since it's the middle of January I looked thru a few images from the last couple of months to find one that fit January's word ... which is create! I've already checked the 'rules' to make sure I wasn't cheating to chose a back dated photo. I think this could be a fun way to challenge myself - with each new word of the month the Shutter Sisters chose! Here is the first image I decided to post:


If you read this blog at all you might have already seen this ... since I just did this new inspiration board... but it's actually a little cooler if you take a look at the shot on flickr as it has lots of notes!!!

I'm excited to be joining in on the fun!!! ... why don't you join me???

Monday, January 11, 2010

reflecting ... 2009


Early last week when I was just starting to feel human again I played catch up on some of the new blogs that I'm following. In one particular blog Jamie had a slide show that featured images of 2009. In her case she took a picture a day and put it together for an awesome retrospect of her year... it inspired me to look @ my own images and put together a slide show! While it took more time than anticipated - last night as it finally all came together - I could definitely appreciate the process! While there was some loss experienced ... gratitude prevailed for a very full 2009 ! Just click below to see my year!

cindi 2009