Thursday, December 31, 2009

sniffles and sneezes!!! happy new year....


here it is the eve of a new year and i feel like crap! we had such an awesome Christmas in Texas but from the minute we landed in Columbus i knew i was catching a cold… i briefly thought - hhmmm… i don't think i've been sick all year. in fact i couldn't remember the last time i was ill. when we arrived home i found the vit C and the echinacea and started taking it right away. the next 2 days chuckie made sure i was getting plenty of fluids but i basically just kept right on going… laundry, taking down Christmas stuff etc… after all just a little head cold… by sunday it was clear that chuck was coming down with it too so i broke out the vicam etc.. and reminded him to start with the vitC, echinacea and fluids as well! we had no appetite but would remind each other to eat. of course, he had to go to work on monday but we both were sleeping pretty poorly. each evening we'd come together to compare notes on how we were feeling … and my - the glass is always half full guy would announce that we are over the worst of it and tomorrow we would be on the mend! and the only problem with that wonderfully over- optimistic statement was that it fell flat and every single day this week has been worse then the day before. today i woke up to both of my eyes 'glued' shut with mucus!!! YUCK! … not a big surprise since the one would not stop 'watering' last night. anyway today i didn't even bother to get out of bed. not because i don't have the desire to get better but because maybe that's just what i need to be doing!!! …spending a day or two in bed!
now i am going the long way around not to tell you that i am so ill that i can't get out of bed but to tell you about an epiphany i had this afternoon perusing the world wide web!!! with the new year upon us i have been looking for a direction… for my life. i have been visiting different blogs and trying to widen my world to find my way! it is so easy to find some things you like but to quickly get off track of your original purpose or hunt by further clicking on to the next new blog/page/advice/artist/photographer/life coach/mom/etc…… the information highway is HUGE and a click of the mouse takes you way out of your way most times! …
so anyway, this afternoon, as i was sitting up in my bed i felt an inkling of self-pity … just feeling a little sorry for myself and this minor health and well being set back! after all i'd been so faithful to my daily walks and better eating habits and now i'm doing good to get to the bathroom and back! Luckily i saw a lesson in all of this discomfort! I have found some blogs written by some moms with children that are just fortunate to even be here! and the grace that these women have about these little miracles that they take care of daily… some hourly is unbelievable! how in the heck could i be pouting around for feeling some discomfort in my own blessed life???
i think it was around this time that some of the life-lifting blogs that i've been ear marking for this new year also came to mind!
a lot of those reminded me of the encouragement that i was not only gathering from them but from things i was taught long ago… in another life-time and it was basically just this:
we are to be thankful in ALL things…

yes even this doozie of a cold that is making me so uncomfortable!

i know that might not be a revelation for you but for me-
it's a biggie!

knowing that all happens in perfect time-
with an open heart and head i am looking forward to
the lessons i'm to learn in 2010!

happy new year to you and yours!


freezing drizzle then snow flurries woo~hoo… then for the next 5+days highs: 20's low's teens!
i love living up here in the tundra…. i love all 4 seasons…. truly i do!


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