Sunday, December 1, 2013

watching the world..


the.window., a set on Flickr.
one of the more popular things to do here in the condo..
everyone gravitates to the window(s)..
watching the world go by..

Tuesday, January 8, 2013




A year ago I posted that we had just gotten a new place in downtown cowtown 
{also known as Ft Worth Texas}
It wasn't really a "new" place but it was new to us! 
Well, it took almost the whole year 
but with a little work 
and a WHOLE lotta help
it finally feels like home!

Now when we go to visit family and friends
we have a place to be at night
without putting people out. 
We have a place to wash up and
even wash our clothes. 
We have a place to be and to call our own!
And we love it!!!

Here was the kitchen before:

and the after: 


Living room before:

and after:

The "observation wall" before:

and after:
[[by the way we see all kinds of things from these windows..
more entertaining then TV!]]

 The room divider (LOL) before:

and after: 

The bedroom wall before:


and after:

Bathroom before:

and after:

So there you have it!

Home Sweet Texas Home!

Additional shots ...

It's very comfy cozy!!



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 goodness

Every year around this time I choose a word.   A word to ponder. to recognize. to strive for. to live up to. to take action with.   Last year it was grace.   I'm not sure if I chose it or if it chose me but regardless, grace was my word. I am gladly just begining to see how huge that word is.. how abundantly my life is filled with GRACE

This year's word is:

goodnessnounshe must have seen some goodness in himvirtuegoodrighteousness,moralityintegrityrectitudehonestytruthtruthfulnesshonor,probityproprietydecencyrespectabilitynobilityworthinessworth,merittrustworthinessblamelessnesspurity.the neighbor's goodness toward uskindnesskindliness,tenderheartednesshumanitymildnessbenevolencegraciousness;tendernesswarmthaffectionlovegoodwillsympathycompassion,careconcernunderstandingtolerancegenerositycharityleniency,clemencymagnanimity.slow cooking retains the food's goodnessnutritional valuenutrients,wholesomenessnourishment.