Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I am soooo ready for Spring!!!


I know that it is winter time but I'm tired of winter. And here in South Texas it's not going to snow anytime soon so instead of having dreary day after dreary day I say we just skip on ahead and have an early spring! Today was perfect...after the clouds cleared out it stayed coolish with lots of sunshine. Can we just have it like that until.... oh... like June? Then it can start warming up a bit for summer. Well, with all dreariness aside~Here's what I've been working on!

This little guy lives among the flowers! He seems pretty content hiding out!

This will find it's way to my etsy shop...

I've also had travel on the brain! How about a trip to Italy?? Sounds good to me....

and to these 2: this is called ..."a different place and time"
We have a couple of trips planned but not that far away!

I've got a few other projects going on but you know ...if we have another day like today...I have GOT to get out and snap some pictures! Maybe I'll see what I can find to shoot in Conroe!...on my way to the DMV.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

cards again???

Today was another card day! It's still crummy outside....not that cold but damp and chilly! Perfect day to be woo-hoo...inside!

So in between kitty feedings and computer stuff I did a handful of cards.

With Valentines day coming up it is hard NOT to make a V-day card! I really do have a collage that I'm working on but it has some paint layering in the first step and I'm not very patient in letting it dry in between sooooo I figured if I started some other stuff I would leave it alone so it would dry. Hopefully, I'm done with that part and can move forward on it tomorrow! We'll see!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Latest creation...
Cold and dreary
outside so good days to stay put!
Have running around to do but it can wait for better weather days.

ha. Somehow with nothing particular on the schedule... I manage to stay busy! hhhmmmm. Time passes either way. Better to be busy-so I'm not complaining!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Heart shadowbox perfect for Valentine's day or just because...

I finished these 2 up last night but didn't get them posted on etsy until this afternoon. They were really fun to make and came together just as I'd imagined them. Hope someone else likes them too! After I got done I worked at straightening this room up! It really felt better this afternoon to come up and find some sense of order. I'm starting on some new projects tomorrow but this evening have just found myself playing with pictures....photographs...all in stock stuff. The weather has been dismall this past week...rain almost everyday. Well, except for yesterday but it didn't stay pretty long enough to get out in it.

Okey-dokey...more tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Paris in springtime...

Paris in springtime...

That's the name of my new collage! I think I'm done but who knows if that's the way I'll feel in the morning. hhhmmmm...

I already know there'll be a Paris in the springtime 2! The wheels are turning on it already! That is a trip I would love to take! Boy, talk about a photo op! oh yeah...

Not sure where this is going to end up...on a wall, posted on etsy....hhmmm...

a friend told me i wasn't messy enough for collage. i thought i did pretty good with this one! (at least 'messy - wise') The room's a mess if that means anything!

actually i had a great time making it~ so messy might be my new state of being.... ha!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cards anyone??

With V~day just a month away it's hard not to keep making cards! Especially since I love doing it. So I've come up with a plan...if they don't say Happy Valentines Day they could be used anytime!!! right? Am I asking myself? Yes but it's ok coz I always know the right answer...just nod your head ~that's right up and down. Perfect. ANYWAY....on to the new ones! (cards...please try and stay with me here k???)

I know this one does look like it a vday card.....BUT it could be ahhh....something else! like

aaahhh....an anniversary card....


OK-OK! Maybe a couple of them are a stretch...

But I really love Valentines day and it's really fun to make the cards. If it helps they are all blank inside!

Hey these are available @ thrucindiseyes.etsy.com if you see anything you like or if you just want to look!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Photos to go...

Last night I posted some of my photography on Etsy... I have a billion ideas with not enough time! I did get some art work up to the gallery and found out I had 3 sales in December! woo-hoo! And already one in January!!! double woo-hoo!!! They are having an art and wine festival in March that I just found out about-too late to be considered. Maybe I will have the opportunity to go and take some cool shots.... I have an appointment tomorrow for a photo shoot! I hope the weather stays this beautiful. It's wonderful outside. Is it really winter? Its like 60* out!...is it too early to be wishing for an early spring? Here are a few of the photos on etsy.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Valentine's Day is right around the corner!

Been working on cards for Etsy and for the Old Town Spring shop! Mostly Valentine stuff ... but when I go to OTS Monday I plan on taking my camera and getting some shots! Soooo that means I will have new photos to work (or play) with soon! I'm excited about this next week! Lots of stuff going on. Wish the weather would cooperate. cold ..then hot ..then cold again... it's January and so I guess it should be at least coolish~don't ya think? Anyway, the weekend is going fast so wanted to post something before the week started! Did get some of the cards posted on etsy ...only took me 4 hours to do! Hey it's not as easy as it looks! Anyway, heres my new collection pic...well, it ended up above but whatever.... you can see it A N Y W A Y......geez.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Etsy shop is OPEN!

**thru cindi's eyes**

is up and running! Check it out ...though I've only added a few things. Tomorrow is another day! Here are a couple of things on it right now!

more tomorrow....