Sunday, January 22, 2012

making it


our own


in December 
we bought a tiny place downtown
it takes time and effort 
to transform it 
into a space 
that feels like 



this was only the second visit

but I think 
we're getting there..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

word of the year...

The last few years I have selected a word for my year versus a long list of resolutions.  This past year my word was bold..

As a good friend and I were talking about the approaching new year I shared with her how I preferred a single word -but then felt embarrassed when she asked what my word was for 2011.  I didn't really feel like I had lived up to my word... She quickly pointed out that just wasn't true.  

After all in 2011:

*  started a new business selling Silpada jewelry that I  
    absolutely adore and attended National Conference in July    
    making some wonderful girlfriends.

*  lost 20# by making healthy choices and walking almost daily. 

*  got down to Texas 7 times taking tons of pics of growing  
    grandkids and made photo books for their parents and


*  bought a condo in downtown Ft W! 

She really felt like those were some BOLD accomplishments! I realized that she was right ... that I had been looking at myself and the year negatively only noting things that I felt I had failed at. While I had kept my word in the background as the year progressed because my expectations were different (maybe higher?) I didn't feel good about living up to that word.
After she pointed those things out I started looking at other areas where I failed to apply my word before or after the fact -thus more accomplishments:

*  organized closets and the basement at the first of the year and kept them that way all year!

*  planted and maintained a small garden including flowers ❀ by seeds and tomatoes.

* went on a vacation to our favorite city and either  walked (mostly) or used public transportation even taking the bart from the airport to downtown and back! We really had a great time doing San Fran that way - seeing the city up close and personal! ☺

*  was able to cross off over 25 books on my reading list! WoW!

* kept a gratitude journal .. almost every single day! It was a great way to start my day. While noting some of the things I simply take for granted over and over has made me realize  how fantastic my life really is.. including so many wonderful people. 

So here it is January 1st 2012!!!
..Still pondering my word for this new blank slate.

Giving myself this next week to choose.. so I'll let you know!


If you would like to chose a word for the year instead of making the usual resolutions this girl can help: