Wednesday, December 29, 2010

time is fleeting...

                                                 and 2010 is about out...

This past year has been delightfully active and interesting... filled with lots of traveling... Austin, Florida, NYC, Steamboat, San Francisco and of course... FtWorth! and plenty of company... siblings, parents, nieces, nephews, daughter, son-in-law and 4 out of the 5 grands!!   whew!  It's been a year to look back on fondly while making wonder-filled memories to cherish.  And I've only taken 19,500 images to document all of the fun! LOL

Last year around this time I found  myself drawn to a few blogs and have followed them all year.  Two of them have been life changers for me.  The first one is written by Christine Kane who is a Mentor to Women who are Changing the World.  She is a wonderful writer and quite the motivator.  This summer I took her UpLevel Your Life Mastery Program and found it to be so beneficial that it will be something I'll look forward to repeating year after year!  If you want to experience a game change in your life you should definitely subscribe to Christine Kane's blog!

In Resolution Revolution: A Better Way to Start Your Year  Christine writes about choosing a single word for the year as opposed to making the endless lists of New Years Resolutions that go by the wayside... by February (if you make it that long!)  Finding that one blog and implementing that one idea made my year ~ oh so...  different.  And I mean that in a good way!  ☺   Last year the word I choose was focus.  I thought it sort of funny and a bit ironic since I have such a love for photography but as the year went ticking by I found it to be a very personal choice.  Suffice to say it worked its magic!  So as this year ends and 2011 is begining I am once again pondering my word for the new year.

The other blog I found myself on weekly was Ann Voskamp A Holy Experience.  I love the way this woman writes!  She has a way of capturing your attention and leaving you with the desire to ... just - be a better you while acknowledging God in all things.  With her large family {6 that's -SIX- kiddos-homeschooled and husband, The Farmer} I find her truly incredible ... how does she find the time to write?  Her simple humble style is so powerful... encouraging and inspiring ... just a beautiful testament to her faith.  It's been through her words that I've been reminded of the importance of grace.

On Mondays she posts her continuous one thousand gifts reminding me the importance of gratitude in all things... and inspires me to keep track (actually writing) of gratitudes daily to the One that matters.  A gratitude journal is key for keeping my attitude lined up in the right direction.  What a beautiful gift this woman is for the rest of us!

I want to thank both of these ladies for sharing themselves in this cyber world.  It would be pretty unlikely without the big www that I would have had the opportunity to make such a connection and for that I am truly filled with gratitude!

Best wishes for 2011!
Happy New Year!