Monday, June 28, 2010

in the summertime...


summertime will be gone before we
know it..
so enjoy reaching for that summer su
and watching the lightening bugs
before it disappears

...In the summertime

when the weather's high,

you can stretch right up and

touch the sky…

~mungo jerry~in the summertime

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Monday, June 21, 2010

still recovering...

Brooklyn Bridge*

This replaces my usual Monday post. Last week I was able to travel to NYC where I visited my niece ~ REZ. It was an amazing whirlwind of activity all 4.5 days. Upon arrival her smiling face was all I remember of that crazy busy airport. As we rode back in the taxi to her place she asked me to list all that I wanted to take in and my list was long! As I read it off - stating maybe it was a little too much for the allotted time we had together, she smiled broadly and assured me "all would work out". As time went on I realized I was in the best of hands!
*my navigator
She plotted out each day showing me on a little map where we were going and all the things that were in that general area. While she has lived there less then a year I was constantly filled with astonishment as she led me throughout downtown by subway, bus, and taxi. Even though she grew up in a tiny town in Northern Colorado I could tell that she has embraced life in the Big Apple as her destiny, for now at least ! It was such a treat to see what a terrific job my brother and sister-in-law have done in preparing their oldest to meet the real world. The values and ethics they have instilled were so evident in action and conversation as each day passed. I am so thankful for the short time we had together and so very proud of the beautiful young woman she has become. Oh and in case you were wondering, on that last day when I rechecked my to do list? I was able to check off each and every single thing listed! As I think back on that fabulous trip I am filled with gratitude for so much:




the sweet ties of family
the vastness of the oceans
our freedom to worship


good music
sweet sounds of music
sharing a meal
good stuff

a cool summer evening

beautiful artwork


what are you grateful for??

holy experience

Monday, June 7, 2010

summer school


I am so excited to be participating in a 7 week online course this summer! It starts the last week in June and ends the second wk in August! I am so looking forward to uncovering some insight into my future. It will at the least - be challenging... but I know the rewards will far outweigh the work. Strange as this may sound since I've only last week known about this... Since the begining of the year I've been preparing in different ways... I've been doing lots of sorting and organizing. The reason that is relevant is that chores and things of distractions ... things I've been meaning to do are now done. Nothing stands in the way of giving this my full attention. The basement finished and unfinished is finally orderly. Our closets ... the same thing! I've gotten rid of junk, had a little garage sale, donated the rest. The garden is all started with daily watering and weekly pruning being all that's left. I've gone through the majority of my images deleting lots and lots and lots~ with lots left still! We've tried to get away each month since the begining of the year... visiting family and friends and wallowed in some great r&r AND I've taken tons of photos. I've started reading the stack of books that I've saved -ploughing through them @ the rate of one a week. That indulgence may have to take a backseat during the 7 weeks ... or.. maybe not. At least 2 of these reads have, in their own way, confirmed this upcoming opportunity to learn! Isn't it strange when the universe lines up in perfect order?? It's obvious to me ~ God's perfect timing! I really don't anticipate any interruptions to the photo projects I've started and in fact anticipate adding more! I do know the Mac classes will be a must but am only allowed to schedule one class a week so...

The reason I'm sharing all of this chatter with you? Well...
I guess this little outlet (blog) might be a second way to be accountable for the course. We'll see!

First I have one more trip I'm taking by myself. I'm going to visit my niece in NYC for 5 days. The timing could not be more perfect! I'll get back from there and have about 5 days to recover before the course starts! Hopefully I'll be posting blogs or at least images from NYC!

I am hoping in the middle of August soon after the online session is complete a celebratory trip to Texas will be in order! including visiting family and friends, taking in some great music and eating some real mexican food! 'rita's included!

In the meantime:
Kimbell Art Museum Ft Worth Texas
Kimbell Art Museum FW Texas ©2007


Friday, June 4, 2010

hero... down the rabbit hole

or window well...

We had some crazy storms hit us this last week! It got dark as night and ridiculously windy!!! We dragged porch stuff into the screened in patio and battened down the hatchs. It only lasted about an hour but the rumblings of thunder and the lightening had us opening the blinds ... then pacing from one window to the other just watching!

out my back door... rain!

The next day I found this little guy in one of our basement window wells:

eating a carrot

Needless to say the kitties and I kept an eye on him all afternoon:

154/365 hi

Tabitha was really intrigued:

out my back door... peter?  is that you?

And I think the feeling was mutual!

can you get me out of here?

anyway... I threw carrots down there throughout the day and he gobbled them up like there was no tomorrow!

He probably did think it was his last meal as these things are wonderfully deep... no way he was getting out without assistance.
And assistance DID ARRIVE @ 6:30pm!
Chuck shook his head.. got out the ladder and climbed down to rescue the little guy!
Except the bunny didn't realize that was his hero... he was scared to pieces!
After about 5 minutes Chuck finally handed up the bucket and I let the little guy hop to the safety and comfort of the neighbors bushes and evergreens!

Chuck's also the real reason my garden looks so good...

a good soaking...
yep.. needed watering the very next day!
It's endless


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


That's something I've been doing a lot of lately...


pick a color... any color.

while these have been sitting in a spot where they're hard to miss
with the full intention being that they would surely be put to good use...

late spring turning into early summer
makes it impossible
to ignore this canvas:

flowers galore

and these tools come in handy for that kind of art-

potting bench

garden bells

I love this time of year!

141/365 rose

*actually it's God's art work... He just
lets me rearrange it***