Saturday, February 2, 2008

Victorian Treasure Mirro Collage

Well, I did something a little different these past few days. I started 2 projects and went back and forth...did a little bit on one and then switched to the other one at key when you need to let something ie. paint or glue dry. It was actually a lot of fun...after I was passed the idea part it went very smooth. I have this one posted on my etsy

I'm almost done with the other one and will be posting it soon...

The first part of the day was just beautiful and I thought I would get out and enjoy it taking a few pictures etc... Well, we went to eat - Mexican food>of course...and by the time we left the whole beautiful weather day had vanished!!! Overcast and very dreary ~ but we found a new park and lots of people out! So I took pictures anyway! I haven't looked at all of them yet but I think I got a few fun shots to 'play with'!

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