Friday, February 22, 2008

Birthday Wishes to Chuck

Well, today is Chuck's birthday and Wendy and I well Wendy took him to lunch and I was invited too! She called me early in the week and said she was going to decorate his office after he left work on Thursday! She had that yellow construction tape all over his doorway ... balloons comming up from the chairs and a big banner strung across: Happy 50 Birthday!!! It looked great! He was sooo careful to not say anything about it but everyone in the whole building wished him a happy bday all day long! It was great! She asked me where should WE take him.
He likes Brios and we don't go there very often. I figured I would be paying but then she wanted to pay for all three of us! So sweet! This picture that she sent me was when she had to re-decorate...He always gets there real early and at first thought their area was really under some sort of construction! Then he saw the balloons and took it all down. And when she got there the first thing she did ~ was put it all right back up. lol Happy Birthday Chuckie!!!

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