Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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another inspiring notion:

Art & Inspiration

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I've been busy with pictures lately ...I can never just take them...I have to 'play' with them too.
But I am starting some new projects....the cards * tags * and these little collages* are something I will always favor because they can usually be done in a day or 2 of starting. Last Saturday when I was out (photo shoot) we found some old shops...some with junk and others with some pretty cool stuff. Unfortunatley, I didn't realize that 'junking' would be part of the trip and I didn't have much $$ on hand.... But even with a little I was able to find some goodies. It was a beautiful day so the photography went well and the shopping (or looking) was loads of fun!!!

this little notion is available on my etsy site: thrucindiseyes.etsy.com

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