Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cards anyone??

With V~day just a month away it's hard not to keep making cards! Especially since I love doing it. So I've come up with a plan...if they don't say Happy Valentines Day they could be used anytime!!! right? Am I asking myself? Yes but it's ok coz I always know the right answer...just nod your head ~that's right up and down. Perfect. ANYWAY....on to the new ones! (cards...please try and stay with me here k???)

I know this one does look like it a vday card.....BUT it could be ahhh....something else! like

aaahhh....an anniversary card....


OK-OK! Maybe a couple of them are a stretch...

But I really love Valentines day and it's really fun to make the cards. If it helps they are all blank inside!

Hey these are available @ thrucindiseyes.etsy.com if you see anything you like or if you just want to look!

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