Friday, March 12, 2010

what are YOU appreciating?...

Today I am joining Stacey from Midwife for your Life where she's asking "What are you appreciating?"

While I did not get my WAYA in on time I did want to comment:
"Oh so many things but to start with… this cloudy day with the breeze humming through the screened in porch just warm enough to allow me to sit outside to read… ❤"

Here's an image to go with that comment:

what are you appreciating?

What a wonderful way to end a week...and begin the weekend! thanks Stacey! I'm going to make a note to try to get my post in before the deadline next week!


  1. What a great thing to appreciate and great picture.. and omg you have the laptop I've been drooling after!

  2. ... and NOW u have 1!!!

  3. Hi Cindi!

    Thank you so much for this lovely blog post - and for spreading the WAYA word!

    You are an *amazing* photographer! Who else could make a computer screen look so rich and vibrant?!

    And I LOVE that you have Simple Abundance next to your computer - one of my favorite books!

    I will look forward to your WAYA post this week - and I hope it includes one of your gorgeous photographs!

    Much love, Stacey

  4. thank you Stacey. Yes I'm re-reading Simple Abundance .. it's been a few years and has so many wonderful reminders! ❤