Friday, March 19, 2010

How did Friday sneak up on me again?


Well, it's already here and I'm joining Stacey over at Midwife for Your Life for her weekly What Are You Appreciating? I started a new yoga class yesterday and it was from 3:30-5 so when I got on last night I realized I had completely missed the deadline! I shouldn't wait until the last minute ... as it's not like I have a lack of appreciation! SO Much to be thankful for!

This week as most weeks this time of year I so appreciate the signs of spring approaching!

spring is in the air

Living up here in Ohio even more so! See I grew up in North Texas and spring? Well, it comes early down there... sometimes right after Valentine's day things are already happening! OK maybe that's a little optimistic ... but really - March rolls around and you are able to shed the jacket! ... not coats mind you!!


Anyway.. up here you're just excited to see the snow go away!

76/365 purple delight

And these pop up!

Sure hope you're in a place where you can see the signs of spring!


  1. Oh so pretty.. I love the signs of spring!

  2. Hi Cindi!

    Oh my goodness, your pictures are SO glorious! I am rendered awe-struck by the crocuses! Please do send in your appreciation at any time because we would love to share in all of your lovely appreciation *and* glory in your photographs!

    I hope you enjoy your new yoga class! Take wonderful care, Stacey

  3. thank you both... today it's raining and a bit chillier so when the sun returns I'm sure all will be bursting with buds!