Wednesday, March 10, 2010

... my new epiphanie!


it's a camera bag ...

it's a purse ...

it's stylish....

and it's all rolled up into

one great idea!

It's an epiphanie!

epiphanie  Live your life the way you picture it

Epiphanie! ~ stylish camera bags created by Maile Wilson

I ordered mine as soon as I saw it on the Shutter Sisters!

I knew from trying to 'fit' my camera into what ever handbag I was carrying at the moment at the moment ...
and wrapping it in whatever I had handy...
that this was a bag that would work for me!

It arrived in its own storage bag but I have a feeling I will be favoring this over anything that I currently carry!

protected while in storage

I ordered Ginger which is a shade of brown but it's also currently offered in Red and Turquois! ... with more to come!


It's genorously padded ... AND has panels attached with velco to move around so that it's easily configured to your individual needs at any given time.

roomy and padded

I was pleasantly surprised at how much room there was and easily fit my camera, extra lens, and all of my personal things from my purse w/ lots of room to spare... enough for another lens and/or flash!

holds a lot...

and something that the pictures can't tell you is
how easy it is to access
your camera and everything else from cell phone to wallet!

fantastic camera bag

AND it always stays 'balanced'! You know when you go to
remove something from a regular purse and
things always 'shift'??
Well ...





❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

5 out of 5
not too shabby!

All I can say is...

... can NOT wait to see what styles you come up with next!


  1. Yay you got yours! Looks fantastic!

    I had no idea they were offering them in different colors now. Crap I may need another!

  2. Yes Ari.... and I just love it! I can't wait to see what she comes out with next!

  3. I really really really want one, I think. Do you really love it?

  4. yes Imelda I really love it! It comes w/ a strap that I haven't used yet to make it a shoulder bag. I'm putting that on today to see if I prefer to carry it that was but the regular handles are roomy enough to carry those on your shoulder as well. It is a huge improvement over trying to make my regular purse a camera bag!!!