Friday, June 4, 2010

hero... down the rabbit hole

or window well...

We had some crazy storms hit us this last week! It got dark as night and ridiculously windy!!! We dragged porch stuff into the screened in patio and battened down the hatchs. It only lasted about an hour but the rumblings of thunder and the lightening had us opening the blinds ... then pacing from one window to the other just watching!

out my back door... rain!

The next day I found this little guy in one of our basement window wells:

eating a carrot

Needless to say the kitties and I kept an eye on him all afternoon:

154/365 hi

Tabitha was really intrigued:

out my back door... peter?  is that you?

And I think the feeling was mutual!

can you get me out of here?

anyway... I threw carrots down there throughout the day and he gobbled them up like there was no tomorrow!

He probably did think it was his last meal as these things are wonderfully deep... no way he was getting out without assistance.
And assistance DID ARRIVE @ 6:30pm!
Chuck shook his head.. got out the ladder and climbed down to rescue the little guy!
Except the bunny didn't realize that was his hero... he was scared to pieces!
After about 5 minutes Chuck finally handed up the bucket and I let the little guy hop to the safety and comfort of the neighbors bushes and evergreens!

Chuck's also the real reason my garden looks so good...

a good soaking...
yep.. needed watering the very next day!
It's endless



  1. Wonderful post and have a gift of bringing us along for the ride.Warmest Regards,Cat

  2. Wow!! I love the rabbit through the window photos! Awesome! You are talented, indeed.