Saturday, March 5, 2011


A few weeks ago
a friend and I decided to meet 
at the CAM to eat a bite of lunch 
and take a guided tour of 

It was the perfect day 
for an adventure like this.
Overcast and gray 
with a hint of the sring to come...
we were happy our plans 
were inside.
  I had never taken the time
 to explore this museum.

We ate a wonderful 
lunch in the Terrace Cafe 
where we were seated 
right next to the large picture window.
The food they prepared in 
the modest kitchen 
arrived looking 
like works of 

{isn't she adorable??}

The press release video from the exhibition

The tour guide was a 
wealth of information
and the hour went by
 way too fast.

we are planning 
another trip
for further 

This is me
back in the day...
looks like the 
wore me out!

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