Tuesday, August 10, 2010

finished one.. starting another!


Ok... well Sunday was my last day of my online class and Today?  We start all over!  That's the beauty of this class ~ it's ongoing... Once you've completed it you can actually pick it up anytime and do it again and again.  Although I felt lost or behind some of the time Christine did a wonderful job encouraging us. There really isn't a good way or a bad way, a right way or a wrong way.. Just don't give up!  There were a lot of exercises that I had completed earlier this year .. i.e. clearing out, organizing, cleaning so I felt a little ahead of things.  Then there were writing exercises that were difficult to start let alone finish and I fell behind miserably.  At this point, feeling familair with the process, I am confident that I will get more out of it this second time!

I have recently had some dealings with some things and people that would have normally pushed my buttons.  The experience was completely different for me this time as I was able to implement some key things into practice and it was...  well.  AMAZING!  What a difference!  It worked!  It really worked!  wo-hoo!  I think I'm actually moving some dirt!

This blog is a must read for me:
Christine Kane

Every post inspires me ... one time it was
How to make the best smoothie on the planet
It made me giggle AND I've been experimenting with different smoothies for months now.  lol ... and they are so good after a 2 or 3 mi hike!

ok .. well that's it for now. no pictures here today ... just words!

make it a great week!


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