Thursday, April 29, 2010

last space...


Since we moved here 2 years ago in May I've had one area that I've put off... the basement. At first we agreed that as we were settling in we would have things that might be in a holding pattern so no need to try to organize things that might not stay there. Then we decided summertime was too gorgeous outside to miss a moment stuck inside and down under. The ideal time would be winter! The problem with that was the basement hides all your stuff! It does such a great job of that we just forgot all about it! Sure ... Christmas decorations would come out and we were busy buying and wrapping and packing to go out of town for the holidays. Then at the first of the year all of the decor went back into their boxes and the door was shut to be forgotten once again. Before we knew it... spring was here and it was just too glorious out to be stuck inside -- working! There was much to do outside and after hibernating for 5 mo who could blame us? After all no one else is going to see it!
So it went for another whole year...
Well, Saturday was rainy and chilly with the dampness all around.
Chuck looked at me and said "So what's on our schedule today?"
"We should really get the basement done" I replied.
His answer "Oh"
After working a hectic 55 hr week he was not exactly game. And on a rainy day like Saturday he really just wanted to chill... on the couch.. with a book and the TV set on baseball or golf or racing... or all 3! I let him know I really only needed his muscles which relieved him as his whole day wouldn't be lost.

So 5 days later I am about as close to done as I can get. And I feel pretty good about it!
I really do revel in the organizing process as well as the end result... I know ~ I'm just weird like that! It sure is nice to be DONE!

the basement somewhat organized!

finally... some order

finished with the unfinished

Oh and coincidently our neighborhood is holding a garage sale next week!
How perfect was that timing?


  1. I am sooooo happy for you...I worked on my dining room table for so many years and I was so thrilled when we moved into our last house that had an a extra room,that became "My" Space!!Congrats to you!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  2. thanks Cat... so nice to have it done and behind me! Feels like a real accomplishment! LOL Probably just because it took me so long to get to it!