Monday, February 1, 2010

my first "best shot Monday"


Feeling a real need to challenge myself I thought my best shot Monday would be a fun way to get the week started.

While we are feeling a little under the weather around here I haven't gone very far for anything this last week. And since all of our little ones live a thousand miles away it is lucky for me... we have 3 adorable kitties with very different personalities who are always eager to pose... (ok maybe I made that last part up!)
At any rate they will always do in a pinch.

They were all enjoying the sunshine pouring in the kitchen window... while we are experiencing these frigid winter days. Hey, temps in the teens constitute frigid for this Texas raised girl! So I got down with them to see what I could 'see'.
I like this one of Echo because I think it shows off his shy personality:


bsm star 140 aa copy.jpg

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